Nahua Kang Deep Learning and AI


Talking about blockchain with classmates in Stockholm.

Howdy! I am currently a master’s student in business at Stockholm School of Economics. In my spare time, I study and write about Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Blockchain. I am also fascinated by Quantum Computing and try to squeeze some time to learn a bit of Quantum Physics.

Growing up in China, I was not always into technology. In fact, I dreaded math and programming. However, deciding that I want to be part of the technological progress, I started programming in April 2016. Since then, I try everyday to learn something new. I am comfortable with Python and its libraries like Numpy, TensorFlow, and Keras, and familiar with Matlab, R, and LaTeX. I am improving my skills in C++, Golang, and Java.

Previously, I obtained my BA in History from Texas A&M University and was part of the Corps of Cadets for my entire undergraduate studies. I enjoy traveling, reading history and behavioral economics, listening to classical music, and running.

You can find me on: